Critics’ Comments

“The Kessler Theater is one such gem, an Art Deco beauty … for a slice of real life, there’s always the Kessler.” - Ben Fountain, New York Times

“The acoustics and ambience are spectacular – the Kessler is a true ‘listening room’ with emphasis on the artist-audience connection.” - Dallas Morning News

“Its immaculate sound and respectful crowds afford every show the opportunity to be something truly memorable”  - Dallas Observer, Best of Dallas Award

“the Kessler…  is one of the region’s premier venues, regardless of genre…” – Karlo X. Ramos, music critic, CentralTrack

“I’m not sure there’s another venue in Texas that can touch the Kessler.” Chuck Cox, Oak Cliff People

“Best live music room in Texas.” Michael Corcoran, Music Writer  

“The Kessler is one of the best listening rooms I’ve ever been in, and was shocked by the hipness of its environs.” Joe Nick Patoski, author, Willie Nelson, an Epic Life

“I think it’s the best music venue in the country.” - Eric Nadel, Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Live Music Fan

“It’s the perfect venue for experiencing music. Acoustically, it is a mini Mort Meyerson.”  - Vic Savelli, Pegasus News

“If you’re going to see any canonized yet unconventional musician where every note counts, you can do no better than the Kessler’s listening room.” Christopher Mosley,  D Magazine

“…kick-ass theater… choosy as hell with their programming.” - Dallas Observer

“…the Kessler, probably the best “listening room” in Dallas or Fort Worth since the demise of Caravan of Dreams”Ken Shimamoto, Ft. Worth Music Critic

“…a new high water mark for a live music venue in Dallas”  - Doug Davis, Music Critic

“From the biggest pounding of a drum to the lightest vocal touch, all things coming from the stage sounded crystal clear. The sound in the Kessler was absolutely perfect.”  - Eric Grubbs, Music Critic

Artists’ Comments

“This is the perfect kind of venue. I love it. This is now one of my favorite venues.” Lucinda Williams

“phenomenal sound and lights and audience…everything else kinda fell by the wayside when it came time to record a live album” - Ray Wylie Hubbard

“…a beautiful building with fine acoustics and a very “hip” crowd! Definitely one of the highlights of our tour”  - The Zombies

“The Kessler is one of the best places I have ever played – period.”Bob Schneider

“It’s a great vibe and superb place to play.  The Kessler puts on a great production that really shows how much they love art and music.” The Orbans

“…one of the best venues in Texas … everything is pretty much perfect at The Kessler Theater.” -  Terri Hendrix

“The Kessler is such a damn great venue.” – Dave Alvin


“Dallas finally has a world class venue. The Kessler is perfect.” - Kevin Russell of The Gourds

“The Kessler was my first gig in Texas.  It’s definitely one of the hippest venues in the States.” - Marc Ribot

“The Kessler Theater is one of my new favorite venues to play.” - Marc Cohn

“The Kessler is the coolest joint in town.”Hayes Carll


2014, Best Live Music Venue, Dallas A List

2013, Best Live Music Venue, Best of Dallas Award

2012, Best Live Music Venue, People’s Choice Award

2012, Best Performing Arts Venue, People’s Choice Award

2011, Preservation Dallas, Preservation Achievement Award

2011, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Business of the Year

2011, Best Live Music Venue, Best of Dallas Award

2010, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Business of the Year

2010, OOCCL, Ruth Chenoweth Conservation Achievement Award

2010, Dallas Business Journal’s Real Estate Deal of the Year, Neighborhood Impact

2010, People’s Choice Winner, Best Performing Arts Venue