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Mighty Fine Arts presents in the Kessler Gallery “Retro-Nowism” featuring work by James R.Gilliam. Texas native James has spent the last several years out in the los awesome splendorof Los Angeles California where he worked in multi-faceted disciplines. He has at sometime or another been a tromp l’oeil painter, a scenic painter for television and movies, a prop painter for the Disney Company, and a custom car fabricator. Also in his downtime he is known to pick up a guitar and jam out with the band where available. He refers to his paintings as “Retro-Nowism” which he explains as his way of appropriating the future by reengaging the past. He wants his work to be regarded as contemporary memorabilia, informed with a meta-modernism, looking back in order to define what will be known next. James is a schooled artist and has attended at Southwest Texas State University, San Francisco Art Institute and California State University at Long Beach. He now lives in Dallas and plans to be around for awhile.


Mighty Fine Arts presents in the Kessler Gallery “Observations of the Moon” featuring work by Manuel Pecina. Manuel Pecina’s interpretations of Mesoamerican deities are couched in the stylized context of contemporary photography. He composes his models in idealized elaborate detail that references the mythic but his studied artifice is rooted in the present. His tribute to the gods removes them from the abstract in order to connect us to the inherent humanity that springs from our own invention. Manuel Pecina is an Oak Cliff based artist and photographer, he is also owner/operator of Art Colony Gallery on 7th and N.Tyler St.