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Clay Stinnett IVThe Kessler Gallery and Mighty Fine Arts present the “Odd Brothers” featuring new work by Bruce Lee Webb, Andy Don Emmons and Clay Stinnett. There will be a reception for the artists on Tues. Nov 25 from 7-10pm with a rare performance by Bruce Lee Webb with Inferno Texino! Featuring Andy Don Emmons, Clay Stinnett, Mark Martinek and Jason Cohen. This show will run till Jan 2015.

The Odd Brothers high step on the wild side of “Art”, out on the visionary frontier of old weird Texas, out where things aint what they seem. The prophet Bruce Lee Webb perambulates the vast corridors of Webb Manor, making his way through his extensive collection of arcane artifacts and historical curiosities, intuitively responding to his creative urges and spontaneously making “Art” while expounding on esoteric theologies and philosophies,. Andy Don Emmons seeks higher truths in the detritus of everyday life. His discovery of hidden meanings in found “Art” unveiled abiding Alien and Sasquatch presences in our collective mind midst. Mysteries abound, the true purpose remains to be ascertained! Clay Stinnett centers his studio practice in a secret chamber over ancient Indian Burial Mounds and a decommissioned nuclear reactor, where he dons his neon bionic jumpsuit before engaging canvas. The result is unfiltered transpositions and unorthodox behaviors leading to cathartic realizations and insatiable craving for fried chicken. For information on the “Art”: Mighty Fine Arts,  ph:214-942-5241