Angel White

Angel White is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas whose music blends R&B, Pop, and Western influences in a new and unprecedented way. Angel spent his formative years busking on the streets of Deep Ellum, learning the power of his voice and how it could touch the people around him. It was this approach to songwriting that spawned Angel’s new solo identity and thus his forthcoming album, GHOST OF THE WEST. Unlike most contemporary music, Angel’s music is not “wallpaper” or transparent: instead, his songs will take listeners to a specific place. For Angel; a western landscape is equally beautiful and dark in its vastness.

Katrina Cain

Katrina Cain is an Austin-based artist and songwriter. Steeped in Americana, she aims to use her blooming writing voice to answer the question: what defines belonging?

Katrina’s own journey has unfolded on both coasts and in the American southwest. A native Texan, she was born in Dallas, raised in a small New England town, and has moved over 20 times. When asked where she’s from, the response of “Dallas born, Yankee bred” is the easiest way to answer. Since returning to her Texas roots, she has called this state home longer than any other place, and intends to stay for good this time.

Katrina Cain’s music has been described as many genres from melancholy pop, to country, to folk. Simply put, she’s a singer-songwriter. She is most known for her stand out performances on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice, beginning with her haunting arrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”. 

After the pandemic forced show cancellations and postponed releases, Katrina found herself, like so many others, locked down in her studio writing song after song. This songwriting project explores identity and storytelling with simplicity, authenticity, and rhyme. Unlike her previous pop projects, these songs were gritty folk mixed with a dash of country; a true representation of the Texas girl she’d been avoiding for so long. 

The result of this several-years-long songwriting binge is a pair of EPs, set for release in the second half of 2023. 

Katrina’s music brings the listener on a journey that breaks the barriers of genre: sweet, soulful vocals and luscious dreamscapes, swinging between soul breaking singer-songwriter ballads, and honky tonk country anthems. In her quietest moments, Katrina’s pop sensibilities make room for her authentic tales of Americana. Never one to skimp on lyric, Katrina’s artful storytelling bears more of the human experience than just a heartbreak like the one before. 

Katrina Cain is a full-time performer, songwriter, and studio vocalist working in Austin, LA, and Nashville. Her June 2022 solo tour spanned 12 shows over 7 states. She has received notable press in Popsugar, Huffington Post, DittyTV, and radio stations across the country. Katrina was an official SXSW 2018 and 2019 performer, performed at Americanafest 2022 official events, and has opened for bands such as Abraham Alexander, Joshua Ray Walker, Isaac Hoskins, Phantogram, SarahJaffe, ComTruise, and Beth//James.

You can hear her original music everywhere music is streamed and sold, and follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook