The Kessler Theater & Good Records have joined forces in the next installment of the Homage Nation series.  August 27, 2022 will be a celebration of the music of the original Alice Cooper group.  It was also serve as the worldwide release party of the award winning film and album Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper.

The evening will begin with a screening of the documentary followed by a Q+A with Chris Penn, Steven Gaddis, Aaron Thedford, Patrick Cone, & other folks associated with the film moderated by Robert Wilonsky.  The Mumbles will then perform the 1971 classic “Love It To Death” in its entirety.  The evening will close with DFW music scene stalwarts performing their takes on Alice Cooper classics and deep cuts.  American Werewolf Academy, Baboon, Clifffs, Corner Suns, Motorcade, Tripping Daisy with more acts & surprises to come.

Remember The Coops.

Going on nearly 30 years, Baboon plumbs the depths of noisy insanity on one song and then emerges with power-pop precision on the next. Known for high-energy, off-the-rails live shows, the band makes a rare appearance at The Kessler on October 18th.

Daniel Markham
Like many of his West Texas contemporaries, Daniel Markham has often been able to tap into the isolating, yet calm lonesomeness of the panhandle. Whether it be Thrift Store Cowboys and Amanda Shires of the last decade, Terry Allen and The Flatlanders of the late ’70s, or Buddy Holly and Wink-native Roy Orbison of the late ’50s, they all the ability to capture the parting winds of the flat lands and the blistering sun of the West Texas deserts. It was ingrained in their sound–becoming signature for each in their own shades.
The now Denton-based Markham, a decade in as a songwriter and musician, presents his third solo full-length album, Disintegrator. Third. In ways, that’s a misleading description. In reality, it marks his 12th release–following Waiting to Derail’s self-titled, One Wolf’s One Wolf I and One Wolf II: Secret of the Wolf, Larry Legion and Forest of Swords under the Larry Legion persona, solo works Demonstrations, Hexagons, Ruined My Life, Pretty Bitchin’, and the collaborative efforts of Smoke Paint with Tony Ferraro and Harmony in Hell with Claire Morales.

Caved Mountains
Caved Mountains are an alternative psych band from Dallas. Imagine Sonic Youth in the garden of CAN tended by the Grateful Dead as a starting place. They have an excellent EP out called A Slow Decline, which was recorded by Jordan Richardson (Son of Stan, White Denim). Caved Mountains are in the middle of finishing a full length at the Echo Lab in Denton, so expect to hear lots of new material.