John Buffalo

John Dufilho is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known as the lead creative talent behind indie rock band The Deathray Davies. The Davies have released six albums: Drink With The Grown-ups And Listen To The Jazz (1999); The Return Of The Drunk Ventriloquist (2000); The Day Of The Ray (2002); Midnight At The Black Nail Polish Factory (2003); The Kick And The Snare (2005); and Time Well Wasted (2021).

He partnered with Davies bassist Jason Garner and released an eponymous record in 2002 under the name I Love Math. A second release, Getting to the Point Is Beside It, followed in 2008. In 2005, Dufilho released his debut self-titled solo album. It was later considered for Grammy nomination. In 2006, Dufilho was announced as the new drummer for The Apples in Stereo after the departure of Hilarie Sidney. Dufilho is also a member of the punk trio CLIFFFS, who have released two albums: Bill, You’re Only Human (2016), and Panic Attack (2020).


FIT is a Dallas-based group that delivers dark, edgy rock with lush arrangements and harmonious build-ups. Formed in late 2019 – the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Hunter Moehring (Sealion), guitarist Hunter Cannon (Birds of Night, Different Strokes), bassist Joel Miller (Drug AnimalThe Dirty Shirts), and drummer Alex Poulos (Sealion). FIT released their debut single “Modern Lovers” in 2021 and have since amassed an ever growing following across North Texas and beyond.

The Dirty Shirts
Like so many of us that were re-discovering ourselves through the pandemic, The Dirty
Shirts did so by diving headfirst into soaring guitars, disco beats, and sequined mod-
inspired threads. What came was The Dirty Shirts, marrying the nostalgia of the Warped
Tour era music he grew up playing with the scope and image of glam rock that he loved.
The music and aesthetic of The Dirty Shirts – Glam Trash, Dance Floor Rock n Roll –
was a response to the quarantine the band was born of, wanting to remind people of
blaring music and debaucherous times with their friends into the early hours and living
without fear of the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. Proudly wearing their
influences from The Strokes to Gorillas and David Bowie on their sleeves, The Dirty
Shirts have hit the ground running, touring nationally on their debut full-length record,
bringing their soundtrack for the new normal to the masses.
Smokey Mirror
    Since their formation in 2016, Smokey Mirror has carved a unique style out of the timeless tradition of rock and roll. The Dallas-based group’s music blends together the sounds of psychedelic blues with progressive rock and elements of jazz. The result is something both familiar and utterly distinct. The quartet has made appearances all around their home state of Texas and beyond, earning new fans with every performance. With their debut album set for release in spring of 2023, Smokey Mirror is bracing themselves for a busy year of rock n’ roll mayhem.

MOTORCADE are a band from Dallas, Texas. Members include James Henderson, Andrew Huffstetler, John Dufilho and Jeff Ryan. All four members have recorded and toured relentlessly in many different projects over the years, (St. Vincent, The Apples in Stereo, The War on Drugs, The Deathray Davies, Baboon and Daniel Johnston) and now have joined together – proving that the whole is definitely greater than the sum of their parts.