Henry the Archer, is the name of producer-vocalist-songwriter, Richard Hennessy’s music project. The full band currently includes: Bassist Charles Marchbanks, Drummer Robert Grammer, and occasional Trombonist Tom Urquhart.  The sound is moody, hinting a bit at post-punk rock; offset with fresh groove-pop melodies. The music is filled with system shocks; in the form of sharp, pointed lyrical style. A completely original, yet familiar sound; full of ear worms that get stuck on your tongue.

Rowdy, raucous and unpredictable, the Revelers Hall band has been been performing their wild mix of jazz and blues since the Hall opened in March of 2019. All of their shows blur the line between band and audience, until everyone is a part of their sing-at-top-of-your-lungs celebration. Their featured vocalist, Joel Wells Jr., is a Dallas area native with a voice that is hauntingly sweet, but with power enough to match the Revelers Hall Band.

All 22 years of Marcus Striplin’s recording life can be heard in his songs. Country strums, Texas prairies, howling feedback, thick riffs, multi-part harmonies, and stories about every kind of explosion and schism a heart can fathom: these add up to the 41-year-old Texan’s kinda-country, kinda-soul, kinda-rock, kinda-living songs on his first solo album as Margaret Chavez. The name is a tribute to Striplin’s mother, and it’s a memorial tribute in more ways than one.
Striplin counts as a member of a burgeoning Texas music scene in the ’00s and ’10s, alongside inspired heart-bleeders like The Polyphonic Spree and experimental soundsmiths such as Lift to Experience and derek rogers.