Ariel & The Culture 

Ariel & The Culture is a Mexican-American artist hailing from Dallas, Texas.

Known for his ability to create vibrant and captivating anthems that exude a sense  of nostalgia, Ariel draws influence from the sounds of his Mexican motherland and  the diversity of Dallas’ Oak Cliff community. Ariel (aka Ariel & The Culture) has  been making waves in the music scene with a unique take on Latin-Indie and  Alternative R&B music since 2017. Through his sweeping stage presence and  evocative tracks, Ariel amassed a nationally devoted fanbase.

Ariel’s breakthrough came when his single “Dame Tu Amor” gained significant  traction on the popular platform, TikTok, garnering millions of plays across various  streaming platforms thanks to write-ups in Bandcamp, Remezcla, NPR’s Alt-Latino,  and more. This newfound exposure propelled Ariel into the spotlight, elevating him  from local club performances to sold-out shows and coveted opportunities to share  stages with renowned acts like Boy Pablo, Inner Wave, Girl Ultra, and many others.

Following a successful 15-stop national tour in Fall 2022, Ariel has solidified his  position as one of the most thrilling and promising artists emerging from the Texas  music scene. With the creation of events like “Latin Prom Night”, a touring concert  themed in the style of quinceañeras & “Mi Casa” a genre-less dance party that  serves as a launching pad for the best new music in the world, Ariel continues to  push boundaries and pave the way for unique musical experiences.

Ariel’s debut EP, titled “buena vista!”, marks a significant milestone in his musical  journey. Through his indie, pop, and R&B tracks, he becomes a guiding light for  first-generation individuals, resonating deeply with those who share similar  backgrounds and experiences. With a masterful touch of timeless romanticism  woven into his lyrics and melodies, Ariel consistently captivates audiences with  each and every song, project, and performance.


A first generation Mexican-American and a proud ambassador of her family’s cultural  heritage, 19-year-old Sarah Silva – performing under the moniker Estevie – leads the new  wave of pop artists bringing back old Latin sounds. On the forefront of the cumbia and  Mexican regional music resurgence, Estevie’s unique blend of traditional Latin styles and  modern pop is deliciously addictive. Equal parts evocative, fierce, playful, and endearingly  quirky – the LA-based singer-songwriter is love at first listen. Growing up in the small town  of Beaumont, California, Estevie began singing at age eight eager to learn the songs she  heard at family gatherings. Immediately discovering a passion and talent for performing,  she auditioned for the Mexican singing competition La Academia Kids at age 11 where  she won second place. By age 15, she had built a following on YouTube – now sporting  more than 1.3 million followers across platforms – and was recruited to tour Latin America  with a teen influencer group where she played to crowds of 5,000-10,000 people. Then  in August of 2021, Estevie independently released her breakout single “Canela,”  alongside a stunning self-directed music video.

Capturing her magnetic presence and sultry vocal performance style, the “Canela” video  garnered over 400K views and the attention of the biggest acts in the regional Mexican  genre. Subsequently, Estevie landed a feature on Eslabon Armado’s 2022  album NOSTALGIA – the first regional Mexican album to debut in the top 10 of the  Billboard 200 – and inked a record deal with Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company.  Now teaming up with award winning producer/songwriter Ricky Reed (Lizzo, Camila  Cabello, Leon Bridges, Bomba Estereo, and many more), and her longtime producer Alan  Vega, Estevie presents upcoming singles “Chiki Bombon,” and “La Cumbia Del  Cucuy.” Influenced by the playful songwriting style of cumbia sonidera – a folkloric style  native to Mexico by way of Colombia – Estevie artfully blends pop elements with the  more cartoonish rhythmic layers and lyrical style of cumbia sonidera while incorporating  notes of norteno and reggaeton with stunning ease. The result is a unique and invigorating  sound sure to resonate deeply with Latin listeners while attracting new audiences – Spanish speaking or not. “I don’t want parts of our culture to be forgotten,” says Estevie.  “I feel like we’re still cultivating our culture and keeping it modern at the same time, and  that’s exactly what I want to do.”

Hector Sifuentes

Hector Sifuentes is a first generation Mexican-American stand-up comedian hailing from  Dallas, Texas. Born to a mother from Parral, Chihuahua, and a father from San Agustin  De Ocampo, Durango, Mexico, Hector’s unique cultural background infuses his comedy  with witty observations and relatable anecdotes that captivate audiences with laughter  and resonate with diverse communities.