Born in the outskirts of New York City and raised along the coast of Florida, Corey Kilgannon is an emerging indie-folk artist now living and working in Nashville TN.

His gift for evocative melody and emotionally intuitive songwriting has led him to share stages with artists like John Foreman, JOSEPH, Penny and Sparrow, David Ramirez, and the late Dr. Ralph Stanley. With an unusually large discography for his age, the therapeutic process behind each song is clear as his rich, yet conversational voice soars over lyrics ranging from simple love songs to unsettling reflections on the loss of love that seems so prevalent in human nature. Set against a backdrop of acoustic and atmospheric textures, each track reflects his indie and traditional singer-songwriter influences like John Prine, Bob Dylan, and John Denver.

Corey Kilgannon has had a hell of year, in both the good and bad sense of that phrase. While he’s gotten to open for and tour with some of his musical heroes he also spent the fall trapped in his house with a broken back, and grieving the loss of a close friend. He’s built up a considerable fanbase in cities across the country becoming known for radically stripped down sets under bridges to room-quieting performances in packed out venues. Throughout these triumphs and tragedies Kilgannon wrote the material for his highly-anticipated EP, I’ll Be Here When the Moon is Tired.

While much of his past songwriting has dealt at least marginally with doubt, this time around he’s making no effort to conceal his impatience, or even anger at easy answers. It’s his darkest record yet, as well as one of his most atmospheric-sounding, with chamber-orchestra flourishes combining with swells of ghostly vocals. Though he remains true to his singer-songwriter roots, Kilgannon sounds more fearless, and more tired than he has in the past, as he sings “I only wanted to dream, and someday to die in peace.”