Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights first began to take shape when childhood friends began playing guitar in their teens. With shared common influences ranging from the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Jimi Henrix to Bob Dylan, The Band and Muddy Waters; the two were compelled to write and play together. From the start it was JT on vocals, playing a mean, bluesy lead guitar, with Kansas on rythym adding a harder rock edge, a combo that was instantly right. Several years and incarnations later, they were joined by musical prodigy Nick Jay on bass and a hard-hitting drummer from Oklahoma named Jordan Cain. The core of the band was at last in place and the sound began to gel.

After being together for less than a month, the four piece went into the studio to record HOT TROTTIN’ – a raucous and enjoyable journey from start to finish.  It’s a stunning first effort for any band, particularly for a group of guys that had been playing together for just three short weeks. The sophomore effort, ‘Pardon Me’ was released by Atlantic in 2010 – Their most recent release, ‘Holy Smokes’ (2015) was put out by Timeless Echo/Thirty Tigers.

Night after night, they deliver a wall of sound with a groove so undeniable, it makes fans rise to their feet and stand at attention. The band is tight and Jonathan’s raw energy coupled with blazing guitar work and rugged vocals has heads turning. They quickly became one of the hottest bands in the region with a buzz that has made its way to New York and Los Angeles.