Thomas Csorba

Thomas Csorba is getting to the good part. On his forthcoming album, Windchimes (set to release on April 19th) he delves into the slow, reflective and “at-home” nature of starting a family as well as the hopes and fears you encounter along the way. Windchimes unfolds as an exploration of life’s seasons, a delicate dance through the past, present, future and the tension that arises as you navigate through it all. 

When he last released a record in 2020 Thomas was unmarried, childless and cooped up in his house like much of the rest of the world. Now married, a father and releasing an album with a full team it can feel like a lot more is at stake. “Modern life can make you feel like you have to prove yourself to others constantly. I don’t know if that’s always great, but it’s definitely something that’s a part of me,” says Csorba. Luckily, starting a family and the process of making Windchimes have helped to find a counterbalance to the pressures that come along with ambition – honest and open collaboration. Collaboration in a family unit, with business colleagues and of course with fellow artists.

In the months leading up to recording Windchimes, Csorba dove deep into co-writing with other musicians. He says of the process – “There’s an aspect to co-writing that’s therapeutic. The start of any session usually involves sitting down and catching up. Asking each other questions about our lives, troubles and goals. These conversations helped me prepare myself for the new season in life I had ahead of me”. They also helped him write his most personal collection of songs to date. 

On songs like “Getting to the Good Part” and “Give it Time” Csorba invites the listener to embrace the unknown on the other side of tomorrow. Whether it’s the sometimes exciting and sometimes frightening chaos that comes with parenthood or the inevitability that nothing lasts forever, his lyrics find ways that are both poetic and playful to describe the cosmic roller coaster we’re all on.

The theme of perspective and gratitude continues on in the beautiful and nostalgic slice of the American Dream that is “Worth the Wait”. A song that feels like the soundtrack to a home movie of all your best childhood summers. Complete with sno-cones and lazy days sitting by a pond with a fishing rod. 

“I’m in a stage of life where I want to be focused on those playful things. I want to teach my kid that this world isn’t a place to walk through with your head hanging down – but instead – look up, embrace all the beauty in this life, and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

“Back Up the Hill” is a rollicking number that bubbles over with buoyant horns and soaring background vocals. It asks the existential question “Am I capable of making something of myself?” The answer with a joyful wink and nod is that “There’s only one way to find out”.

The achingly beautiful “Grieving Angel” explores love that can’t be broken by death, and the desire to continue caring for those you’ve left behind. “I don’t wanna be a stranger / Just another memory slipping through your hands / Let me be your Grieving Angel / If I can’t be your man.”

The album, produced by Robert Ellis & Josh Block, was recorded almost entirely live and in one room. The production is classic and simple which allows Csorba’s introspective songwriting and warm vocal performances to remain the focal point. While the recording is built around acoustic guitar, upright bass, and drums, the instrumentation isn’t without surprises – pedal steel, mandolin, saxophone, flute (and yes, chimes) all weave deftly into the tapestry of Windchimes. The musicians’ performances are so stellar they feel effortless and create the perfect space for these songs to exist in. 

With Windchimes, the 26 year old has found a voice that is wise, playful, and only getting better. It’s true that the path to success for an artist is steep and riddled with pitfalls, but if this album is any indication, Thomas Csorba is ready to dig his heels in and keep rolling the rock up the hill. 

Thomas Csorba and some of DFW’s best musicians are ready to treat you and your sweetheart to an evening of music & romance filled with country’s greatest love songs by folks like: George Strait, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Randy Travis and more. 

Gabe Lee

Nashville based singer songwriter Gabe Lee is becoming increasingly known for his ability to detail the intricacies of everyday life, the small distinctions that leave some on the fringe and others in the mainstream and the particulars that stick around long after a lover leaves.

Equal parts classic songwriter and modern-day storyteller, he has built his own bridge between country, folk and rock over the course of three acclaimed albums. His latest release, The Hometown Kid, finds him distilling those sounds into something sharp and singular, examining his roots as a Nashville native along the way.

Thomas Csorba and some of DFW’s best musicians are ready to treat you and your sweetheart to an evening of music & romance filled with country’s greatest love songs by folks like: George Strait, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Randy Travis and more.

Join us on The Green at The Kessler (outdoor stage & lawn behind The Kessler Theater)!

These events are currently free, but space is limited and is first come-first served (as seated by our hosts).

Want to reserve a picnic table? You can select and pay for a table of your choice here! Each table seats up to 6 guests and will be reserved for you from opening to close on your selected evening.

Food will be available on-site each night from our neighbors at PhD, with beverage service from The Kessler Bar crew.

Events are “rain or shine” – in case of inclement weather, the performance will be moved indoors.

Born and bred in Texas, Thomas Csorba is a young Americana artist ready to prove himself. Writing and performing since his early teens, Csorba already has some impressive notches on his belt; opening for acclaimed acts like Yola, Amanda Shires and John Moreland, as well as performing at ACL Festival, SXSW and the beloved Luck Reunion.

With the release of Thomas Csorba, in 2020 Thomas was ready to bring his voice and songwriting prowess to a larger audience. And while the pandemic put a halt to many of his plans Thomas still managed to have a great year. Putting together a virtual tour of Texas to benefit NIVA, gaining new fans and garnering critical acclaim with The Houston Chronicle asking the question “Is Thomas Csorba the next great Texas songwriter?”

Those who discover Csorba today will find a voice imbued with wisdom beyond the singer’s years, a sense of purpose and a searching spirit that suggest his youth.


Like the clash of Middle Eastern and Western cultures found in its namesake Turkey, Dallas rockers
Ottoman Turks and their music occupy the space between a honky-tonk and punk club. The four-piece, which includes beloved Texas troubadour Joshua Ray Walker on lead guitar, sutures together a brand of outlaw-country-garage-rock that’s an effortless combination of unlikely influences, both blistering and smooth like the beer after a shot of whiskey or the lime after a tequila. As Rolling Stone said of the band when they dubbed them an “Artist You Need To Know” in January 2020, Ottoman Turks are “fire and noise, Texas-style.”
Produced by John Pedigo (Old 97’s, Vandoliers) the outfit’s second album Ottoman Turks II aims to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump with blistering aplomb, thanks in part to the fact that a huge chunk of the material was recorded in the same, marathon, three-day session that produced the Turks’ 2019 debut. They sit alongside five newly recorded songs that not only match the party band’s distorted swagger of old, but show how far they’ve come since that initial session.