Nils Lofgren, is a legendary, world renowned singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee as a member of the E Street Band.


Nils has been touring and recording his own music for 46 years. Starting with his early band Grin, through years of highly praised solo works.


His 45 year,10 disc retrospective called Face the Music was released August 5th, 2014 on Fantasy Records and continues to receive rave reviews.


Many comments from his admirers in the box set’s 136 page, beautifully illustrated story, personally written by Nils  include;


“In 1975 Nils’ first solo album was a template for the sound and attitude Jon Landau and I hoped to accomplish on Born To Run.  Nils’ singing and guitar playing voice remains as distinctive today as it’s ever been.” – Bruce Springsteen


“Nils Lofgren is genuinely one of my favourite musicians, he is an exquisite and sinuous guitarist, a gentleman accordionist, a terpsichorean in tap shoes and a fearless somersaulting gymnast of the trampoline!!!!????

Always inspiring, and ever inspired, such is genius!” – Sting


“I am so glad that my old friend Nils has made this box set.

Listening to him play and sing has been an inspiration to me for many years.”

Neil Young


Long known for his stellar live performances, featuring great improv guitar soloing on acoustic and electric in addition to his unique voice and great selection of songs. Favorites like “Shine Silently”, “No Mercy”, “Keith Don’t go”, “Back it Up” and many more.


In addition to his 30 years of touring and recording with the E Street Band, Nils has  contributed piano, guitars and vocals to Neil Young’s legendary albums and tours ; After the Goldrush, Tonight’s the Night, Trans and Neil’s MTV Unplugged album.


Nils was also a member of Ringo Starr’s first two All-Starr Bands in addition to many other musical liaisons with great artists;  Willie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lou Reed, Paul Rodgers, Sam Moore, Branford Marsalis and many more.


His live shows are legendary for their passion and musicianship and wonderful stories  from his long, exceptional musical journey.


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