Dallas native, nationally-touring artist Cameron Matthew Ray is a lyrical martyr. Cameron’s lyrics boast a melancholy, brutally and simple truth that pierces your musical skin. Ray is a seasoned vet when it comes to the singer/songwriter and folk genres opening up for veterans like Griffin House, Andrew Belle, Gungor, Sean McConnell, and Foreigner. Rays newest project “Love & Space”, produced by Taylor Tatsch (Maren Morris, Garret Owen) will leave you hurting and wanting more music at the same time.

Ray’s new project is a collection of Singles for each season, Starting with Winter.  On 11/30/2018 Ray released “Here for You”  The song is about the joys and struggles of spending winther with his wife in their current home of Dallas, TX and this wife’s past home in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.  Each song from the project will detail the season it is about in different parts of the country. 

Ray’s boisterous live shows range from anywhere from a striped down warm acoustic guitar to a energetic rock show back to to a classical interpretation with Clarinets and many more classical instruments.  Each time He takes the stage the audience is in for Ray pouring out his heart for all to hear.


Jacob Metcalf is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas.  Metcalf’s debut album Fjord (2016) received pleasant responses from the international press community and music lovers alike for its art-folk compositions. The eleven song collection ranges from wistful, unhurried ballads to swirling, majestic orchestrations, sometimes within the same song, and all set to Metcalf’s inviting vocals and non-linear story-telling. Highlighting eastern sounds and western orchestra, Fjord reads like a love letter to humanity, for all splintered people living in a fractured age.

D and Chi are a Dallas Indie pop duo that’s taking what they learned on the streets of the Bishop Arts District to the world. Either backed by a full band or playing acoustic, this duo can showcase what’s sure to be hit songs that’ll be stuck in your head until the next show.