Celebrating 20 years of CocoRosie, playing songs spanning their entire career, including new songs from their forthcoming 8th record, which will release in the Fall 2024.

With a committed global fanbase stretching across the United States, Europe, South America and beyond, CocoRosie has consistently released cutting edge studio records and performed to sold out concert venues for two decades. Recording artists most recognized for their masterful poetry and timeless harmonies accompanied by lo-fi toy folly, classical instrumentation and genre defying rhythms, sister duo CocoRosie continue to elevate their sound and art with each recording project.

Sierra Casady is a classically trained Opera singer and stage actor and Bianca Casady is a published poet and accomplished visual artist. Together the sisters utilize theatrical practices of movement and
character study, high fashion and contemporary art to produce work which reflects the human experience. Through radically subversive and highly developed conceptual art, CocoRosie utilizes irreverence and play to speak up for human rights and question unjust societal values.

Widely celebrated, often misunderstood, and always unwavering, CocoRosie is a rigorously structured art and music project which simultaneously looks at humanity’s ugly truths and shows us our beauty.

Working together for over a decade, CocoRosie’s live-band consists of world renown Paris based beatboxer and electronic producer Tez, and from Japan, New York based experimental DJ, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Takuya Nakamura.

In their 20 years as CocoRosie, the sisters have released seven studio albums and are ready to release an 8th this year: Put The Shine On (2020), Heartache City (2015), Tales of a Grasswidow (2013), Grey Oceans (2010), The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn (2007), Noah’s Ark (2005), and their first album La maison de mon rêve (2004).

CocoRosie has composed original scores for four full-length theatrical works by acclaimed director Robert Wilson: Peter Pan, Pushkin’s Fairy Tales, Edda, and Jungle Book – with another project underway. For two years CocoRosie worked with the Kronos Quartet at their Jazz Festival in San Francisco, creating a new collection of songs ready to premiere as a collaborative album with Kronos.

In addition to CocoRosie album tours and festival performances worldwide, Bianca Casady has had several solo art exhibitions internationally including at Deitch Projects (2007) and Cheim & Read Gallery (2012). Working within experimental theater, Bianca has directed several plays including NightShift (2012) at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany, Mother Hunting (2015) at the National Theater in Oslo, Norway, and The Angel Show (2017) at the National Theater Academy in Norway.

Sierra Casady created “Soul Life,” an Opera staged at the Donau Festival in Krems (2012) and has arranged and performed music in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of Amsterdam, The ICA in London and The Sydney Opera House. Sierra is currently working on a lead role for an Opera written and directed by her sister, Bianca and composed by both artists, slated to premier at the Manchester International Festival.

CocoRosie has active collaborations with Kronos Quartet, Chance the Rapper, Julieta Venegas, ODESZA and more.


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