Texas born and bred, the ever-prolific David Garza— began making his mark in the late ’80s and was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame while still under the age of 40—has defied genres.  He has broken industry barriers by crafting a singular career that zigs just as much as it zags. Try to categorize him and you’ll probably be wrong. Only by listening to his music will you get it and be right; blending glam-rock, power pop, Latin folk, blues, and even musique concrete.  Handpicked by the likes of Fiona Apple, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Los Lobos—Garza, like Texas, is one of a kind.

Female duo turned full band, Sister is a project  based around a love for lyrics, melody, tight harmonies, and music that can make you want to dance or remind you of a memory you can relate to.  Texas based artists Amanda Page and Haylee Ryan have been singing together and writing music for over 13 years, and “Spiraling Minds” of 2017 was their debut album with a full band backing them and collaborating to push their lyrics and melodies to a more true place of blues and rock, while still highlighting their unique vocal blend.