Del Castillo

Soundtrack after soundtrack, stage after stage, release after release Del Castillo continues their journey. You may have heard their music in Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Kill Bill Vol. II, Alita Battle Angel, The Green Ghost, Machete, Sin City and Planet Terror. Perhaps you caught their stage show at one or more of the eighteen music festivals including the Dallas Guitar Festival, Ellnora Guitar Festival, Austin City Limits, Montreux and St. Moritz. You may even enjoy one of their previous releases such as “Infitintas Rapsodias” “De Castillo IV” “Brotherhood” “Vida” and “Vintage Reserve”. Now soon “El Sombrero” will make its mark. Recorded at Mark Del Castillo Studio and Smilin Castle Studio, produced by Mark del Castillo and mixed/mastered by Tim Palmer. Del Castillo band members include: Alex Ruiz (lead vocals) Rick del Castillo (lead guitar) Mark del Castillo (lead guitar) Albert Besteiro (bass) Jason Murdy (percussion) and Mike Zeoli (drums).

The Tiarras

Coming into natural formation as biological sisters turned bandmates, Tori, Sophia, and Tiffany Baltierra, collectively known as The Tiarras, are multi-faceted artists creating global music by pursuing sound without restrictions. The next chapter for the band will begin with a new album being recorded beginning in 2023 that will build off the successes of their prior years and re-introduce the powerhouse Texas sister trio as genre defying artists on a mission to spread their inspiring and empowering messages through their eclectic yet refined sound.

Extracting their influence from the diverse musical libraries that surrounded their upbringing, their vibrant music draws inspiration from the likes of rock, Latin, pop, soul, reggae, and blues, to foster a dynamic new sound that defies the limitations of genre. Combined with their love of community and inclusiveness, The Tiarras aim for their music to provide a creative outlet that promotes a feel-good energy along with social advancement and equality for all. Their mission driven music has previously been incorporated into campaigns for Rock the Vote, Jolt and Voto Latino. Their latest singles “Soy Chingona”, “Let Love Free” & “They Dont See Us” have cumulatively been featured across renowned platforms such as NPR World Cafe, Mitú, Grimy Goods and Latin Alt. Radio. Continuing towards a bright and thriving career, 2023 and beyond will see The Tiarras continue to release their original music, perform as official SXSW showcase artists, and be booked across stages both in Texas and across the nation.