With the release of his award-winning debut album Fjord (2016), Jacob Metcalf hinted that you could travel all the continents and discover that you never left your one true home.

Now, with the full-length follow up Monitors (2022), Metcalf capably demonstrates that the journey within is just as rewarding, and may be just as perilous.

Born from the quiet, alone and wandering the confines of the mind, Monitors unfolds like an unhurried, developing conversation with self.

In an age of misdirection, what is and isn’t real has never been less obvious. Metcalf further invites the listener to blur the lines with him.

Hosted by the historic Kessler Theater, expect a full-band concert spring-loaded with surprises. All attendees will enjoy a complimentary digital-format version of Monitors to take home.

Special Guest Doug Burr opens the show.