Matthew and The Arrogant Sea

Matthew and The Arrogant Sea is an indie rock band hailing from Denton, TX, that has been captivating audiences worldwide for over 20 years. Fronted and founded by the enigmatic Matthew Gray, the band has received numerous accolades and critical acclaim since their national debut in 2008.

With their distinct sound and captivating live performances, Matthew and The Arrogant Sea has captured the hearts of fans all over the globe. Their music is a unique blend of indie rock, folk, and psychedelic influences, infused with Gray’s poignant lyricism and haunting vocals.

The Band is comprised of the very talented: Matthew Gray,  Blake Vickrey, Tony Whitlock, Hagen Hauschild, and Pablo Alzate, they have built a reputation for their electrifying live shows, often leaving audiences in a state of euphoria.

Despite being in the industry for over two decades, Matthew and The Arrogant Sea continue to push the boundaries of their sound and creativity. Their forthcoming LP “If you find yourself floating away” promises to be another exceptional addition to their discography, showcasing their musical prowess and songwriting skills.

With their unwavering dedication to their craft and their passionate fanbase, Matthew and The Arrogant Sea is a band that shows no signs of slowing down. They remain an important and influential force in the indie rock scene and continue to inspire and delight audiences with their captivating music.