Born in Dallas, Texas, Mark Griffin is a trumpeter, keyboard player, vocalist, programmer, and songwriter best known as MC 900 Ft Jesus. Over the course of three albums he combined hip hop, electronic, industrial, noise, jazz, funk, soul, and storytelling/poetry. Thematically his lyrics typically explored the realms of the mind, the darker side of humanity, the supernatural and the surreal. MC 900 Ft Jesus released three full length albums between 1989 and 1994, countless singles and EPs, and toured the world.


Kessler Theater artistic director Jeffrey Liles has been a part of the Dallas music community for over thirty-five years now, as a promoter, musician, DJ, talent buyer, documentarian, critic and spoken word artist.

In 1996, he released a spoken word album called “white trash receptacle” under the name Cottonmouth, Texas on the local indie imprint One Ton Records. That album was released again the next year with a new title, “anti-social butterfly” (this time on Virgin Records), and Liles set out as a performer on the 1997 Lollapalooza Tour.