Slaid Cleaves
Together Through the Dark

“A master storyteller, one influenced not by the shine of pop-culture but by the dirt of real life.” –ROLLING STONE COUNTRY

“Songs about surmounting dark days together are always imbued with emotion but there is new light cast here when an artist such as Cleaves drops the emotionally raw line, “Can’t fight the storm outside / but we can wait it out.”  –FOLK ALLEY

“Cleaves’ latest single “Through The Dark” jangles in, surveying a Western landscape drowning and in darkness. Written with friend and writing partner Rod Picott, Slaid offers hope in his signature voice, singing, “When the night comes creeping in / And the day has left a mark / I’ll take you by the hand /Together through the dark.”  –THE CREEK

The first single, “Through the Dark,” was co-written with Slaid’s long-time collaborator and childhood friend, Rod Picott. Slaid describes it simply as “a song about offering comfort in hard times.”

Slaid Cleaves. Modern day traveling folk singer. He’s telling your story.
Writes and records songs that strike people’s hearts and become a part of their lives.

Americana/folk stalwart Slaid Cleaves has been putting out highly acclaimed records for 25 years now, consistently delivering songs that strike people’s hearts and become part of their lives. Together Through the Dark is no different. Producer Scrappy Jud Newcomb and Cleaves teamed up for the third time in early 2022 between Covid surges to record a new batch of songs, Slaid’s first in five years. Familiar themes of struggle and resilience will be a surprise to no one. As Scrappy puts it, “This album speaks to the hopeful, the hard working, the battered, confused, and the sad. But above all to the believers in the city of freedom that we heard in the stories of our youth and all those FM radio hits.”