I’m halfway through chemo treatment; let’s come together for another sold out show at The Kessler Theater to celebrate! I’ve been getting infusions every two weeks since February, and I’ll continue to do so through the end of the Summer. That means I’ve cleared my tour calendar, but I can still play a show in Dallas! I’m going to perform solo at The Kessler Theater on Monday 6/3!

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to ask what they can do for me during this time, and it’s very appreciated. What I could use most right now is an opportunity to do something I’m good at, and that’s play and sing for folks who want to listen. If you’re in Dallas, and you’re able, come to this show and let me sing you songs and tell you stories. In spite of the circumstances, I’m excited to share the experience of live music with you.

This is going to be a difficult time, but I’m glad y’all are here to cheer me on. Thank you for your continued support. See ya soon, and ‘Thank You For Listening’!