The Third Mind ft. Dave Alvin
“I had a crazy idea and was looking for musicians who perhaps didn’t think it was so insane”. – Dave Alvin
Starting four years ago as a wishful music fantasy, this California based Supergroup, The Third Mind, has now become a powerful and thrilling sonic reality.
The brainchild of GRAMMY award-winning guitarist Dave Alvin and veteran alternative music bassist Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethoven, Monks of Doom, Eyelids), they present the stage debut of this psychedelic improv project The Third Mind with singer Jesse Sykes (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter), drummer Michael Jerome (Better Than Ezra, Richard Thompson, John Cale) with guest guitarist Mark Karan (Bob Weir’s Ratdog, Phil Lesh, Delaney Bramlett). 
“It’s a captivating, often enthralling voyage as these trippy, somewhat hallucinogenic songs get pulled like taffy; stretching, lengthening, and allowing this assemblage the leeway to explore instrumental nuances that shape-shift them into new, perhaps better, surely more experimental versions of themselves. –American Songwriter