Troy Cartwright

It didn’t take a record deal to get singer / songwriter Troy Cartwright his start in country music – it took an acoustic guitar, age 12. Fast forward from childhood days in Dallas filled with Pete Yorn and John Prine records to his graduation from Berklee College of Music, where wedding band gigs and odd industry jobs squeezed between classes. A brief return to Texas yielded an EP and a stop in Oklahoma resulted in an independently released debut album that broke onto the radio charts in Cartwright’s home state. The project showcased his blend of warm music and exploratory lyrics, and Rolling Stone described his sound as having “an affinity for power country, idiosyncratic Seventies singer-songwriter fare and indie rock.” Early fans could find Cartwright cutting his teeth at upwards of 130 tour dates per year – all before securing a manager or an agent. Now having adopted Music City as his own, the recording artist has been successfully releasing new music throughout 2022/23, gaining new fans and amassing over 50 million global streams.